More About Me

1.    I am an ESFJ personality type.
2.    My pet peeves: gaining weight (heh!), clothes that shrink, and clutter.
3.    I really do believe the mantra “a place for everything, everything in its place.”
4.    I love labeling everything.  So glad it’s become a trend now!
5.    My favorite places to be are the beach and the forest.
6.    I practically live in my favorite blue jeans.
7.    I moved to Texas in March 2010.
8.    My family consists of my guy, my 8 year old cat, a 1 year old dog, and me.
9.    I love fonts. I constantly add and delete fonts on my laptop.
10.    My decor style is a cross between modern and shabby chic.
11.    When I get out of my cell contract I'll definitely get a Google phone.
12.    My biggest distraction is the internet.
13.    If I had big money I would hire a maid and a gardener.  In a heartbeat.
14.    I do not have my license, but am enrolled in driving lessons *finally*.
15.    I always end lists on odd numbers.
16.    I absolutely love making lists.
17.    I really don't like if a number or bullet point sentence is beyond one line long.
18.    I’ll be 35 as of Nov 2010, but (thankfully!) according to many I look 25.
19.    I love movies, watch a good share of television, and thus adore Netflix.
20.    I have never made a perfect pancake. Ever.
21.    I have jumped onto the jar bandwagon.  I very much wish to collect them.
22.    My cat has been my rock in the hard times.
23.    I have somewhere around six books that are author-signed.
24.    I have met two of my favorite authors:  Garrison Keillor and David Sedaris.
25.    I would like to meet Augusten Burroughs as well.
26.    My favorite TV shows now:  Bones, House M.D., Lie To Me, and NCIS.
27.    I am a fan of the Simpsons and will collect all of the seasons on DVD.
28.    I admit that the Simpsons was better in the first half of the series.
29.    I am a little bit of a nerd.
30.    I love Doctor Who (the newer version).
31.    I have two nerd crushes:  David Tennant and Jon Stewart.
32.    I have spent six of the past ten months unemployed.  It is a challenging time.
33.    I have trouble making friends without being introduced by others first.
34.    Unless it is one of my television programs or movies, I prefer total silence.
35.    I get headaches very easily.
36.    I go between ultra-productive and ultra-lazy, rarely anything in-between.
37.    I have an image of who I'd like to be and intend to be her one day.
38.    If I could make money and not go to an actual job then I would do it.
39.    I have trouble sticking with things that take a lot of practice.
40.    I tried bike riding, knitting, and yoga. See #39.
41.    Two things I have loved since I visited the UK in 1996: scones and Orangina.
42.    I rarely listen to music because of the headaches I get from noise.
43.    I dream of a home of baskets; old quilts and high thread-count sheets.
44.    Things I love that cost no more than $5:  Dots, Dove chocolates, and gelato.
45.    I love French fries and like sushi quite a lot too.
46.    I hate artificial banana flavoring in anything, but real banana in foods is fine.
47.    I love just about anything with coconut or coconut-flavored.
48.    I love cupcakes!  Coconut cupcakes? Even better!
49.    I would like to be healthy, but I am too lazy and tired much of the time.  :P
50.    I rarely floss.  Oops!
51.    I have, in fact, used the vacuum hose to clean food bits off of the stove.
52.    I try to vacuum every two or three days.
53.    I have become terrible about replying to and sending e-mails recently.
54.    As of 10/31/2010 we have a new member of our family, Scout.
55.    I have named two of my pets after To Kill a Mockingbird characters.
56.    I do my best to watch the Fox prime time lineup every Sunday night.
57.    The stores I love to shop at most are IKEA and Target.
58.    I have two Amazon wish lists:  a crafty one and a “normal” one.
59.    My birthday is 11/20.  Hint, hint. ;)
60.    I hate talking on the phone, even with close friends or family.
61.    I really need a new laptop and a new external hard drive.
62.    I possess some original Beatles albums.  They were my dad’s.
63.    I would risk my life to save my cat.
64.    I most definitely don't drink enough water. Some days I don’t drink any.
65.    I usually wear flip flops, Converse sneakers, or Mary Jane’s.
66.    My favorite patterns of paper:  argyle, polka dots, and thin-striped.
67.    I have never done a “Week in the Life” album or a “December Daily” album.
68.    My life has not felt interesting or active enough to make these albums.
69.    I am going to try to do a “December Daily” album this year, though.
70.    I like all seasons except winter.
71.    I lived in the Midwest my entire life until this year.
72.    Nothing can make me laugh quite like a Chevy Chase movie.
73.    My favorite is National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation.
74.    As a kid I ate more sugar-y foods than can possibly be healthy.
75.    My favorite color is bright red.  My second favorite color is pink.
76.     I love accents!
77.    One day I *will* have a pair of cowgirl boots.
78.    I cannot possibly get enough sunshine.  I love it!
79.    My dream home would be filled with Pottery Barn.
80.    I am not a morning person.
81.    I hope to have the skills one day to create my own blog templates.