30 April 2010

Good friends are for keeps

I am learning that I need to have more patience when stamping.  I am also learning to make sure there is no ink on my hands when stamping and making cards.  Otherwise you get smears and ink in places it shouldn't be.  Everything is a learning process!

 Flower Stamp:  HamptonArt

29 April 2010


I love robots.  Here is a card I made featuring a robot. (A bit blurry, oops).

Robot stamp:  Recollections

28 April 2010

Nature is the art of God

(The title is a quote by Thomas Browne, 1635)

I was recently inspired by a post by Angela Harris, where she stated that she intended to spend less time with the "TV, computer, and air conditioning" and more time in the fresh air & sun and with her children.  I decided I need to spend less time with the television and computer and more time in nature as well. 

Yesterday I took a walk and shot photos of the wildflowers that are so prevalent here in Texas.  Here are some shots that I got:

27 April 2010

Continuation of the spring theme

I love spring, so have continued with that theme.

26 April 2010

Spring has sprung.

Here are a few cards with a spring-y feel I made yesterday.

Stamps:  HamptonArt

Moving to #7 Mockingbird Lane

Welcome!  I have decided to begin a new blog to accompany this new, wonderful phase in my life.  I will have much to share in the coming days, including some crafty projects.