26 June 2010

All in progress

I have been crafting like mad this weekend, with various cards, layouts, and tags in progress. They are all on hold, unfortunately, until I am able to order printer ink and await shipment of the new craft supplies I ordered this past week. Proof is in the piles and mess (actually pretty neat considering how bad it was this morning!).

23 June 2010


Here are a few pictures from our local botanical gardens.  I think they turned out pretty well.  What do you think?

21 June 2010


Today is my guy & my one-year anniversary of dating. I could not be happier. I really am smitten with him. Tonight he surprised me with me flowers! *grin*

We went to the local botanical gardens yesterday and I took many photos. I will post some pics of our little adventure this week.

20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day

Today is Father’s Day.  My father died nearly fourteen years ago. I do not celebrate Father’s Day with cards, gifts, phone calls, or visits.  I do take some time on this day to think of my father.  Some years Father’s Day is harder than others.  I am doing fine this year, so no worries.

Here is a layout I revised (since I originally posted it) for his memorial album:

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there.  May you be the father your kids need and may your kids be appreciative of all you do.

15 June 2010

Easing into it

I started work last week and went camping this past weekend (13 hour drives each way).  I am beat.  I will likely be minimal with posts this week, still trying to ease into and adjust to this new routine/schedule.  I have not been feeling well the past two days either, which sure doesn't help with energy levels.  I'm tough.  I will make it.  *smile*

I do want to be sure to share some pretty pictures from this weekend. 

10 June 2010

Lists of Me

In January Amanda Probst posted on her blog that she would be creating a “Lists of Me” album and over the following months she posted the layouts. Well, I love writing lists. It has almost become a hobby I enjoy writing lists so much! So... Her “Lists of Me” album idea absolutely appealed to me.

Several months later I am starting my own “Lists of Me” album. I will feature the layouts as I complete them. Here is the first layout I created for the album: 

Tomorrow we are driving thirteen hours to attend another camping event.  This time I will be more comfortably mobile.  I will try to get some good pictures of nature to share in an upcoming blog post. 

I am hoping for no more poison ivy, no poison sumac and no poison oak, on this camping trip.  I have a very bad case of poison ivy from our camping trip two weeks ago that has continued to grow, so no more.  Thanks, though!  *smile*

09 June 2010

Birthday Card for Grandma [Updated]

My grandmother's birthday is right around the corner, so I came up with this card tonight.  If I were to make it over I would do the grass differently.  I know my grandmother will like it a lot regardless.  That is what is most important, right? You cannot tell from the picture, I guess, but the white cardstock is raised.

Here is an updated card, however, it is just not photographing well at all.  I have tried many times to shoot it.  A picture follows of the side view, raised (another attempted multiple times).

I had my first day of work today and it was a good day.  I was pretty tired after not getting much sleep last night, but I brought plenty of Pepsi Max (my vice, heh) so I made it through the day.

Stamp:  Hero Arts

08 June 2010

With Sympathy

I got a fabulous bird stamp from my lovely blog friend Angela and thought immediately that it would be perfect for use on a sympathy card. Of course it will work for many other things as well.

I like it a lot - even if it is a one-layer card. *smile*

The big news in my life is that I am starting a new job tomorrow. I have been unemployed for three months, since we moved to Texas, so this will be a big change. I am sure more routine in my life will be positive.

My foot is feeling better, with a bit of pain remaining in the arch of my foot. We are camping this weekend and I will very much enjoy having less limitations during this camping trip.

Also, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and she is due to see a doctor regarding radiation treatment this week. Say a prayer or send positive vibes her way, depending on your beliefs, please.

06 June 2010

Floral Embellishment.

I decided to add three-dimensional flowers to a card. Angela had given me these as a part of some mail goodness and I knew they would look super good in a crafty project. I was right! I do need to practice hot gluing as a larger portion of glue than needed showed up on the card. Practice makes perfect!

A detailed view of the flowers:

05 June 2010

Congratulations - Baby Girl

This is a congratulations card I made for a baby girl.  Another clean & simple card.  Hope you like it.  In time I hope to explore more complex designs. 

04 June 2010

Simple, classic.

A simple, classic design for this card.  This is for my grandmother's husband's birthday, his actual birthday.  I had posted a card I'd made for his birthday previously, but I discovered his birthday was not then at all.  I like this card much more than the other I posted, so he will receive this one instead.

And in life news, my foot is feeling much better.  It is still in some pain following walking too much, but much better all the same.  I am quite relieved!


Here is a card I did this evening.  Pretty basic.  The pic is not the greatest because of lighting, but you should get the idea.

02 June 2010

Creative Organization

We live in a two bedroom apartment right now, one of the bedrooms our bedroom as one would expect and the other my guy's office.  The closets are full too.  We hope to rent a three-bedroom house in August and then I will get a craft room.  Right now, though, I must be quite creative and locate any (inexpensive) containers for supplies and embellishments that I can. 

Tonight I organized the craft stuff, which I re-do every so often to clean up clutter that comes with usage.  I had to make room for the things Angela Harris gave me recently and the things my guy's mother gave me this past Friday.  His mother gave me two great scrapbook containers, which I quickly made use of tonight. 

Here are pictures of my craft re-organization:

Heart Tags

I made these heart tags to go with a thank you card I sent to a friend recently.  I rather like them.