08 June 2010

With Sympathy

I got a fabulous bird stamp from my lovely blog friend Angela and thought immediately that it would be perfect for use on a sympathy card. Of course it will work for many other things as well.

I like it a lot - even if it is a one-layer card. *smile*

The big news in my life is that I am starting a new job tomorrow. I have been unemployed for three months, since we moved to Texas, so this will be a big change. I am sure more routine in my life will be positive.

My foot is feeling better, with a bit of pain remaining in the arch of my foot. We are camping this weekend and I will very much enjoy having less limitations during this camping trip.

Also, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and she is due to see a doctor regarding radiation treatment this week. Say a prayer or send positive vibes her way, depending on your beliefs, please.


Avitable said...

Congratulations on the job! That's excellent news!

Gina said...

Thanks, Adam!

Angela Harris said...

That turned out so beautiful! very classic. I love it :)
So glad you are exploring the supplies.