11 January 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

My Top Ten Dream Craft Room Checklist

  1. A big room with a huge empty space in the middle.  Empty.
  2. A large rectangular folding table (like churches use) along a wall.
  3. Several of these drawer units against a wall.
  4. My awesome oak desk/table against another wall.
  5. A big window, with a gorgeous view and lots of sun shining in through it.
  6. Lots of red cube bins, to fit into…
  7. One large IKEA Expedit bookcase and my new smaller Expedit bookcase.
  8. Red gingham accents and accessories and such.
  9. A large closet. I’m talking LARGE, with shelves on every wall.
  10. No clutter between creative sessions.  None!
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Hazuki said...


I couldn't find any contact info on your blog, so I decided to message you by comment on your last post. I read one of your comments on another blog post about Target merchandise sold at Goodwill. I recently visited the new Goodwill in Lakeway, and I found sooo much Target stuff. I bought a brand new Hello Kitty sewing machine for $33. It retails for $115! The cashier said they buy Target goods in bulk, and a lot of the electronics were returns and Target, so a lot of electronics are defective. She warned me that the sewing maching might not work, but it did!! I also bought a new pair of Target flats! Just wanted to share this info with you. It's the Goodwill in Lakeway off of 620. I hope you get a chance to check it out! :)

Gina said...

Thank you! When I can get there (either gotta convince my guy to take me or wait until I get my license) I will definitely check that Goodwill out! GREAT tip!