27 January 2012

I don't...

I was inspired to write this list by another blogger's post quite awhile back. I'd bet that most don't know every one of the things on this list.

Ten Things I Don’t Do 
  1. I don’t drink coffee (and rarely tea).
  2. I don’t wear high heels (I can’t walk in them!).
  3. I don’t sleep through the night.
  4. I don’t like the cold.
  5. I don’t eat very healthy. (Any tips for getting over my junk food addiction?)
  6. I don’t own a car (yet).
  7. I don’t like spicy food.
  8. I don’t ride a bicycle.
  9. I don’t wrap gifts very well.
  10. I don’t like being sticky (which is why I don’t eat much fruit!).

08 January 2012

My 2012 Home Goals

I have seen numerous posts listing bloggers’ home goals.  I thought that was a great idea, so I decided to create my own list of home goals too. 

The following are my home goals:
  1. Purchase starfish for the bathroom wall.
  2. Develop organization plan for under bathroom sink.
  3. Create photo wall above sofa.
  4. Paint my own canvas piece for dining area.
  5. Find something to hang on wall above television.
  6. Purchase floor pillows for living room.
  7. Figure out what to do about gaps in wood flooring.
My first overall goal for 2012, though, is to purchase a car.  After this, I will dedicate funds to my home goals.