25 March 2011

Finally. Friday Favorites.

I have been experiencing some challenges here, so I have been slower in posting.  I have come up with a Friday Favorites post this week, though.

  1. Book covers for matchbooks.  So cute!
  2. Very old pet photographs. Fantastic photos!
  3. Moss graffiti.  A great landscaping idea for any homeowner.
  4. A fun Mod Podge project.  I failed at this project, but maybe you'll do better.
  5. Before I die:  A New Orleans public project with great meaning.
Check out the links and let me know what you think. Any links you think I should check out?  

Also:  If anyone would like to guest post for Friday Favorites, please let me know.

24 March 2011

I post!

I spent much too much of this evening catching up on others’ blogs. I realized a couple of things by the time I had waved the white flag, giving up on trying to win the battle against the backlog.

First, I realized that I am having a blogger dry spell of sorts.  Life has been pretty challenging since my guy & I moved to Austin, TX, and because of that my blog is not as wonderful and energetic as I know it can be when I am at my best.  I do continue to try to post and hope that readers will be patient and hang on for those here and there posts I share.  Be patient and as life’s challenges come to pass I assure you the blog will be better and better all the time.  *smile*

Second, I realized that I have shared so little about my life and myself. Along with that, I have shared few photos, aside from those of cards and layouts. I realized this evening when I was perusing everyone’s posts that many, many bloggers include posts that are short descriptions of their days or their weeks and/or photos of their families and their lives. Since I began a pretty theme-centric blog I had pigeonholed my posts. I am going to try to round out my blog more as time goes on.

16 March 2011

So there's this thing called life...

Life seems to be getting in the way of consistent posts as of late.  A lot is going on and it takes much of my focus.  I do hope that readers will stick around, though. As time and energy allows I will post.  :)

I have added a bunch of new card sets to my Etsy shop recently, so do take a look there for some of what I have been working on.  You are always welcome to buy one of the sets too, of course!

12 March 2011

Flower Birthday Card Set

I made this cute birthday card set recently.  I will add the set to my Etsy page, of course.

I do intend to get back to scrapbooking, but for some reason I am on a card kick.  Also, I find that cards are quicker to make.

10 March 2011

A new card set

I made this cheery, fun card set yesterday.  The set is now listed on Etsy.

07 March 2011

New cards!

I have been added new card sets to my Etsy shop and have been making cards like mad. 

Here is one card set I made recently.  I will post it to Etsy soon.

05 March 2011

63 years old.

My dad would have been 63 years old today.  He died, though, at 48 years old.

Happy birthday, Dad.
(I miss you).

03 March 2011

Another set of layouts for you

Here are another couple more layouts I did the week prior to my travels. I am all done with 2010 layouts now and just one layout from up to date on 2011 layouts.  I am waiting to do that layout until I have another to do, so that cardstock colors coordinate.

01 March 2011

Back to posting!

My trip to and from Iowa to see my family was exhausting!  I had more delays and more layovers than I have ever had.  I spent yesterday recovering from the travels back from the visit.  Not that the exhaustion stopped me from being productive, mind you. Heh.

Here are a couple layouts I did the week prior to visiting my family.  I will share a couple more layouts in another post.