18 May 2010

To the sofa with me!

This past Friday I injured my foot pretty badly.  I didn't think it was that bad and figured that my foot would feel fine by the end of the weekend.  Unfortunately, I am still unable to walk without pain and cannot move my toes without pain.  

My guy thinks I may have broken something in my foot.  As a result of the pain and the possibility I may indeed have broken something in my foot, I am attempting to stay off of it as much as possible.

I am not a person who sits still well.  I feel very lazy right now, pretty much confined to the sofa when not in bed at night to sleep.  I do take care of random chores when I am up anyway to use the bathroom, since I am determined to have a neat home; however, the vacuuming, the bathroom cleaning, and such are on hold.  

I spend much of my time on the sofa bloghopping (now that I have a temporary computer to use).  I also jump up to gather some craft supplies from my stash about once a day to get a card or two made while I am sitting about.  I can't not craft when inspiration strikes after all! 

I made two cards last night after being inspired during my blog hopping.  I will show those and all other cards I create, as I said previously, once my laptop is repaired (crossing my fingers big time!) and can use Picasa again and can upload them for posting.  I can't wait to post them!  *smile*

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