16 May 2010

Temporary replacement found.

The laptop remains non-functional; however, my guy was able to get another computer functioning in the meantime. My guy & I are purchasing parts for my laptop with hopes of repairing it. I am crossing my fingers big time.

After two days I finally caught up on reading all of the new posts on the blogs I follow. Thank heavens for Google Reader! I read many, many blogs - far more than I have listed on the right column of my blog. To give you some idea, I had over 800 posts to read (according to Google Reader's count) when I got on to read blogs after being offline for four days! Craziness!

I have remained crafty during my absence, of course. I used a hot glue gun for the first time. That was a learning experience! I made some tags – some of my first. I made a unique and pretty card for a friend. I look forward to posting pics of my crafty creations when I am able. Unfortunately, pictures will be unable to be posted while I use this computer.

I will try to continue to post, regardless of the unavailability of images, Also in the coming days, I will be putting together an “About Me” page. If you have any specific questions answered as a part of this page, let me know.


Avitable said...

I'm glad that you found a temporary replacement!

Gina said...

So am I! :)