19 May 2010

An update and a card

Yesterday I finally went to a clinic to have my foot looked at.  I was provided with prescription-level ibuprofen and sent to get X-rays.  I got the X-rays today.  Hopefully before the weekend I will hear what is wrong with my foot.  It hurts worse every day, so hopefully something can be done.

I forgot to mention that the cheesecake was delicious!  Apparently it is common for cheesecake to crack.  Whew! We finished the cheesecake yesterday evening.  Once my foot is better I plan to make chocolate chip cookies. Mmm...

My guy installed Picasa on the laptop I am using at present.  So pictures can be posted to the blog again!  Yay!

Here is one of the cards I made recently.  It is a congratulations card for my aunt who is getting re-married over Memorial Weekend.

I put a mini Pop Dot behind each square to add some depth to the card.  It's amazing what that does for a card.  Here is a picture of one of the squares from the side.  

Stamp:  American Crafts
Punch:  Creative Memories


Martha said...

love that card!!! Thank you for your visit too:) And I hope your foot feels better:) and the xrays show what is wrong...

Gina said...

Thank you! :)