26 May 2010

Thinking of her.

My grandmother recently decided to have a lump the size of a baseball on her sternum investigated.  She was sent up to the Mayo Clinic for further tests (a state away).  She was asked to come back for additional tests two weeks later; however, she found a lump just behind her knee this past week and was asked to come in for tests this week, instead of next week.  She had the tests yesterday (Tuesday), sees a doctor on Thursday, and sees another doctor Friday to find out test results. 

My grandmother has had cancer four or five times in the past ten years, so we are of course quite worried about her.  She asked her children (my aunts, uncles, and mom) home this weekend, which she has never done before and so we are of course very worried now.  She may have to miss my aunt's wedding this weekend, which she very much wants to attend.  This would be the only one of her children's weddings she ever missed. 

I live four states away from my grandmother and before that far enough away that it was expensive and thus impossible for me to visit very often.  I feel bad that I have not been more present and do hope we can visit before it is too late (I hate even writing that).

My grandmother is by far the strongest woman I have ever known.  She was a child during the Great Depression.  She raised seven children, having her first child at 17 or 18.  She lost her husband to a sudden heart attack when he was 52, with one of their children still at home. She lost another husband in the past couple of years, after first enduring his abuse due to dementia and having to put him in a nursing home because of the dementia & related abuse.  She is an amazing woman and deserves to have more years to love and laugh and enjoy life.

I made this card to mail to my grandmother and my guy will mail it this evening.  I hope she likes it and takes the word inside of it to heart.

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