27 May 2010

A productive day so far.

I have not felt terribly creative today, but had energy to do something. Without planning it I ended up organizing our fairly cluttered pantry. It looks much better, let me tell you. I realized just how badly we need to go grocery shopping this evening too when I organized the pantry and rearranged the fridge!

Here are a couple of pictures of the newly organized pantry:

After realizing just how badly we do need to go grocery shopping this evening I continued in productive mode by writing our grocery list. It is a page and a half long! Of course it also includes some items we need for our camping trip this weekend, but still...

Yes, I am going camping with my foot in the condition it is in. It still hurts when I walk without the walking shoe/boot, but we have been planning this camping trip for a few months, so I refuse to miss out on it.

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