19 November 2010

Friday Favorites

Here are some of my favorite finds this week:

  • Free postcard blanks to download! - All you do is download, print on cardstock, and adhere to your favorite photos. Then you have quick and personal postcards to send out, or even better: you have quick Christmas cards to mail out and for less postage! Sweet!
  • Love Your Neighbor - This blogger has decided to do one act of kindness every day for a year. She posts about these kindness experiences. Imagine if we all did the same thing. Imagine what a world that would be!
  • Lace Tape - This blogger shares a great tip on turning lace into pretty tape.
  • Tips for a Tidy Home - I try to live by the same "rules." Now to get the entire family involved - a challenge for many, I have noticed on many blogs.
  • An autumn decorating project - Utilizing Mod Podge, this blogger decorated a jar with leaves and made it into a cute candle holder.
Look for more fun favorites next week!


Monika Wright said...

Thanks for including me in your FAVES! I am honored.

Gina said...

Of course! I love your blog! :)