20 November 2010

35 today. Huh.

I turn 35 today (officially at 7:30 p.m., the actual time of my birth). While I am not thrilled at the prospect of being either at or very nearby middle age now I have decided to at least try to put a positive spin on the whole birthday thing. I got this post's specific idea from this Might & Main blog post. Here it is (drum roll, please)...

36 things to do before I am 36
  1. Accomplish some of the craft & decor projects in my store-up of ideas.
  2. Attend Burning Man 2011 with my guy.
  3. Be more girly (pamper myself more, dress more feminine, etc).
  4. Be more present in my brother’s life.
  5. Become a more positive person.
  6. Continue on with writing gratitude lists regularly.
  7. Buy a pair of cute cowgirl boots and wear them!
  8. Call Grandma weekly.
  9. Continue cooking and meal planning regularly.
  10. Create a beautiful and lasting landscape in our front & back yards.
  11. Develop more by-choice structure & routine in my life.
  12. Find a way to earn an income that is satisfying and pays the bills effortlessly.
  13. Find healthy outlets and utilize them regularly.
  14. Find the -right- ADHD med for me.
  15. Read regularly, once the right ADHD med is found.
  16. Finish my childhood scrapbook finally!
  17. Finish my dad’s memorial scrapbook finally!
  18. Get my driver’s license AND become a much more confident driver!
  19. Go horseback riding. More than once!
  20. Go to my friends Jim & Mattie’s wedding in May.
  21. Join and participate in a photo meetup group.
  22. Journal consistently.
  23. Lose ten pounds and keep it off.
  24. Make more effort, less excuses, to connect with family & friends.
  25. Make time & effort to learn about something new regularly.
  26. Properly, successfully train Scout.
  27. Respond to e-mail more quickly, within a week at latest.
  28. Sell my work on Etsy.
  29. Send birthday cards consistently and regularly.
  30. Set up a photo blog (by the day of my 36th birthday).
  31. Shoot pics daily, without it feeling like a chore because it -is- a daily thing.
  32. Spend time outdoors, including with this Scout’s daily walks & fetch time.
  33. Take a photography course.
  34. Take cardmaking and scrapbooking classes (again, once I have my license).
  35. Visit my grandma in Iowa.
  36. Volunteer with an animal organization regularly, once I get my license.
(And 1 bonus accomplishment “to do”: Join and participate in a book club).

(Not in order of importance or otherwise).


bazza said...

Hi Gina,
I'm Heather,neighbour to Debbie from Cappacino Cottage.You have a very long to do list.I'm 52 and still haven't gotten to lots of things on my list but I can tell you that if you get your drivers license you will automatically do "lots" of the things on your list.Go for it girl,driving gives you freedom.

Gina said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I wish you luck on your own list. This is definitely not my bucket list, but it is a list of goals for sure. :) I am certain I have had much put off because of not having a license, yes. :) Now to get my license and some confidence too behind the wheel so I can get to this list! :)