17 October 2012

My first decorating project!

I spend much of my time in the living room, since my boisterous pup is not yet allowed on the bed and there isn't much else to this small apartment.

When I made plans to adopt a large breed dog I knew I had to make more room for a dog somehow.  I had limited space in my living room before the dog, so I had quite a challenge ahead of me.

Since the coffee table took up so much space in the living room, I moved the coffee table to the wall.  Then I purchased an outdoor porch cushion at Walmart for around $59, attached velcro to the cushion and the table so the two would stick together properly.  I did learn that regular velcro does not stick well to fabric.  When I either find a coupon for Command-brand products or find some extra money and will purchase the Command-brand rug anchors  since it evidently works better with upholstery and try that instead.

My little project led to more space in the room and more seating!  I admit I'm pretty proud of myself for coming up with this.  *smile*

Starring the king of the castle, Jasper.

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