24 March 2011

I post!

I spent much too much of this evening catching up on others’ blogs. I realized a couple of things by the time I had waved the white flag, giving up on trying to win the battle against the backlog.

First, I realized that I am having a blogger dry spell of sorts.  Life has been pretty challenging since my guy & I moved to Austin, TX, and because of that my blog is not as wonderful and energetic as I know it can be when I am at my best.  I do continue to try to post and hope that readers will be patient and hang on for those here and there posts I share.  Be patient and as life’s challenges come to pass I assure you the blog will be better and better all the time.  *smile*

Second, I realized that I have shared so little about my life and myself. Along with that, I have shared few photos, aside from those of cards and layouts. I realized this evening when I was perusing everyone’s posts that many, many bloggers include posts that are short descriptions of their days or their weeks and/or photos of their families and their lives. Since I began a pretty theme-centric blog I had pigeonholed my posts. I am going to try to round out my blog more as time goes on.

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