18 December 2010

Christmas cards sent!

I have been working lately and trying to get Christmas cards made & sent and gifts ordered online. Christmas cards have been sent for those I have addresses for. Unfortunately I have spent three or four fruitless evenings with no luck finding gifts for my guy's family, so we will be trying some local shops tomorrow and hope for the best.

In the coming days before Christmas I will post some photos of the cards I have made for family & friends. I hope to embellish next year's holiday cards more.

Here is one card I made for this year's holiday card collection. I used tags sold in variety packs at Sam's Club (?) on the front. Thus, the embellishments are already included for the card fronts! Nice, right? I got the idea (and the tags) from my guy's mom.

As a side note: Any others out there use Blogger? Have you figured out how to stop pictures you upload for posts from showing up at the top instead of where you want them to appear in the posts? I have to cut and paste the photos every time in the posts after uploading them and never had to do that with the former versions.

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