03 November 2010

Master Bathroom: Organized.

I have always claimed to be an organized person. I never took the time to seek out ideas and inspiration on the web, though, until now. Since moving to our new home this September I have searched through the many blogs I read and sought out ideas and inspiration for organizing our home. I found so many great ideas. I have bookmarked and saved images of my favorite ideas out there and in time intend to put much more of the inspiration into action at home.

Here are some pics of the organization systems I have put in place since we moved in this September:

Bathroom vanity cupboard #1

Bathroom vanity cupboard #2

Towel cupboard (above toilet)

The vanity has baskets of the same style on my guy's and my sides for our daily items.

I will share in coming posts more pics of other organized spaces in our home.


Lissa said...

very nice. I love a well organized space.

Gina said...

Thanks! A well-organized space certainly leaves me happier. :)

Marisa said...

Looks great! I'm addicted to baskets. I have so many of them, yet I still feel I could use lots more. They're my favorite way to organize!