27 November 2010

Christmas Card Organizer

I saw this post on making a project holder that Marisa of Make Happy made for her son and I got an idea of my own! I created a Christmas card organizer using a Ritz cardboard box, scrapbook paper, and tape.

Marisa said to wrap it as you would a gift, but it was more difficult than giftwrapping for me. The strange shape and weird angles to wrap made it quite challenging. It was also challenging for me to cut it in such a shape as she did and as I did here. I do not have a craft knife, so maybe that would make it easier and more precise? Marisa didn't mention what she used to cut the box into the correct shape, so I don't know how she got her box cut so nicely. If anyone has tips, I would love to hear them.

Here is the Christmas card organizer I made:

(Apologies for the poor lighting!)

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