13 October 2010

All domestic and stuff!

I have been finding great recipes online for ages, but I never took the time or made the effort to cook them. I bookmarked them, pasted them into word docs, and sometimes printed them, but that's it. I decided to change this after I recently came to a few blog posts people had written about weekly menu planning.

I found and printed recipes that were easy and that we had most ingredients for and then shaped our weekly grocery list around the remainder of the ingredients. I intend to continue to create weekly meal plans and grocery lists. Of course, I may not plan five meals/recipes for the week. Cooking every meal is not our usual way here and I can use his contribution. He doesn't mind our sharing the cooking duties and I don't mind letting him. *smile*

I have so far made the fab taco salad below, a mac and cheese recipe, and garlic chicken with sauteed mushrooms and a side of parmesan asparagus. I give a thumbs up to two out of three of the new recipes I tried. My guy? He gives a thumbs up to all three of the new recipes, he says.


ann said...

Best looking taco salad I've ever seen (drool!) Wish I was there for dinner. You are certainly both a domestic goddess and artist.

It will be fun to see how you decorate your craft room. Any luck yet finding a craft table?

Gina said...

@Ann: Thanks! I appreciate the compliments! I did find a craft table/desk and I love it. I need to force myself to organize my craft supplies, I know... I get very overwhelmed with the idea of it, so have not undertaken the task just yet.