10 July 2010

It's not the length of life...

I made this card this evening.  This quote allows for the card to be either a sympathy card, in memory of someone who had a full life, or to be a birthday card. I like the flower petals pointed upward on the card.  I would like to know others' secret of how to put a card with flowers of depth into an envelope and the card to remain in tact.

Flower punch:  Marvy Uchida
Font of quote:  CK Whirl

I am making cards all weekend, so I should be sharing more cards this week.


ann said...

Great cards Gina. You can put foam adhesive dots under the petals. They will give lift, and still allow you to slip them into envelopes.

Gina said...

@Ann: Thanks for the tip! I need to get some mini dots I guess. :)