05 May 2010

One Challenging Task

I found myself in a rather challenging spot yesterday evening when I set out to create a birthday card for my grandmother's husband.  It took a very long time to come up with a card for him with limited supplies, limited examples on the many craft blogs I frequent, and uncertainty of any hobbies he has from which to draw inspiration.

The following is the card I created for him.  If anyone has examples of cards for an adult male, please do share! I would love to get some ideas.

Stamp:  American Crafts

1 comment:

ann said...

I'm so loving your photos. By the way on your post about ink on the hands. A lot of crafters keep a container of baby diaper wipes nearby. That might seem expensive, but they do a quick job without drips. But that's why embellishments were invented....to cover all our mistakes.
Again, nobody does nature photos as well as you. I'm inspired to get out and take better pictures. A photographer gave me a tip yesterday. He said when taking a group photo have everyone close their eyes and look down. Then on a count of three from him, he has everyone look quickly up with eyes opened. Why? He said it prevents them from squinting with sun, etc. while he is focusing. When he's ready and then has them open their eyes, the group's eyes are well lubricated so they don't need to blink, squint, etc. Result, better picture. What do you think?