21 February 2011


Due to a serious family situation I will be out of state through Sunday.  I will return to posting sometime at the beginning of next week. 

18 February 2011

Friday Favorites

This has been a busy week for me.  I did make time for scrapbooking, though, and will hopefully get some layouts posted this weekend.  Before I get to Friday Favorites, I want to encourage you to read this post:  Thoughts on comments.  I absolutely agree with her. Read it and feel free to comment to this post with a link to any comments you submit for the post.

Now onto the Friday Favorites!

11 February 2011

Friday Favorites

Without further adieu, I give you this week's Friday Favorites:

Check the links out and if you have any links I should check out, add them to comments. No spam links, of course. *smile*

08 February 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

My Top Ten Date Ideas
  1. Go out for gelato (and not at Whole Foods).
  2. Take her to a cupcake bakery for something yummy.
  3. A romantic picnic at sunset.
  4. A hike in a state park.
  5. Dinner at a favorite restaurant.
  6. Make your honey dinner and follow it with massages.
  7. Take him or her to see a favorite author for a reading or signing.
  8. A game day in.  Scrabble or Monopoly or Quiddler or Uno or…
  9. Volunteer together.
  10. Spend the night or weekend at a bed and breakfast.
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06 February 2011

A fun get well card

I have the worst trouble coming up with get well cards, but this image was too perfect for a get well card not to use it.  Isn't it fun?!

05 February 2011

NYE 2010

I did these layouts of our New Year's Eve date and the NYE party that followed our date.  I am not fond of the letters I used on the party layout, so I may eventually figure out a color of stickers that would work on the blue cardstock background and use the stickers instead.

04 February 2011

Friday Favorites

Without further adieu, I give you my fab Friday favorites!

  • The cutest lil' thing I may have ever seen:

Kid cards

I made these cards as congrats cards of a sort for kids, though I would love to get a robot card for any occasion and I am an adult, so maybe the robot card is a card for all ages.  *smile*

03 February 2011


This is a layout I did for my visit to Chinatown.  I loved these photos the best of my Chinatown shots.  

I would like to get some sort of China-related dimensional or chipboard sticker to add on the right of the title.  Eventually I will find a set of China-related stickers I like to add one onto this layout.

02 February 2011

Housewarming cards

These are some housewarming cards I made recently.  The only differences between them, aside from subtle size differences, are the color choices. 

I hope in time to learn more about proper blending with markers and I could use any tips on how to get every card the same size (when using 8 1/2 x 11 paper in the printer) as well as the exact placement of font/words for cards in MS Word docs.  I am rather challenged with these things. Please post a comment or send me an e-mail with any tips! Check out my profile for my e-mail address.

01 February 2011

Golden Gate Bridge

This is a layout I did for our trip to the Golden Gate Bridge.  I insisted that we go there so I could get some good shots of it.  I hope to go back there the next time I get to San Francisco and get other shots with different perspectives.  I can't wait to visit San Francisco again!  It is an amazing city.

I was out of black stickers for the vowels and various other commonly used letters, so I used a font I found on Dafont that I thought would work for the title.  I guess it is time to find some funds for more fun black letter stickers!