26 January 2011

This layout is of our stop at Morro Bay on the way to the Bay Area.  I bought paper with a sandy image for it and the corresponding layout.  I normally do not like to buy individual papers because of the costs adding up as they do, but sometimes that is all that makes a layout work (and some of my favorite papers are not in the various brands' paper packs (boo!).

Any layouts with my guy in them will have a smiley face over his own face per his request and private nature.  That's why his face is covered up. Otherwise why would I cover it? *smile*


katney said...

test comment

Gina said...

Thanks! Glad commenting is working for someone! :)

Ayak said...

Hi Gina I just popped in here to see if I could leave a comment as I saw your message on the Blogger Help page...which I've responded to but don't think I've been very helpful!
Anyway it gave me the opportunity to find your blog...another interesting one to add to my collection!