13 January 2011

My craft room/office

I have owed pictures of my craft room/office for a few months now.  It has taken some time to get it organized and de-cluttered.  I got creative with storage and made labels using cardstock and tape, what with me still unemployed (sigh) we have to watch our costs pretty closely.

My craft room/office really came together when my guy took me to IKEA and bought me exactly what I wanted for Christmas (and then put it together for me) this weekend.  What did I want? The bookcase you see in one of the pictures.

Here are pics of the craft room/office for your viewing pleasure:

The middle two cubes of the bookcase, in the picture below, on the top level have bins with my postcard collection. I have collected postcards since I was a kid and have some postcards older than me in my collection.

I have some things I still need to find a place or container for, as you can see below:

Below you will see a collection of containers I cannot yet find things that will work well with them.  I obviously need to find a place for them.  With limited closet space it may be a challenge.  I seem to be up for the challenge when it comes to creative storage solutions, though!

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